International Services

Authentication, Consular Legalization and Apostille Services

We can obtain as required for most countries:
• Great Seals
• Authentications
• Legalizations
• Apostilles

International Corporate Services

Our qualified team of professionals has in-depth knowledge of the requirements needed to expand your business anywhere in the world and keep you compliant. When you work with us you get a single point of contact to address your specific needs and find solutions that meet them anywhere across the globe where you do business.
• International Business Formations
• International Document Retrieval
• International Registered Agent Services
• International Lien searches and filings as may be available in a specific Country

Intellectual Property Searches

We can assist with your Federal Intellectual Property Searches performed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and with the United States Copyright Office in District of Columbia.
• Patent Ownership & Patent Assignment Search
• Patent Application Search (only pending published applications)
• Trademark Ownership Search &Trademark Assignment Search
• Copyright Ownership / Assignment Search (1978 Forward)