Uniform Commericial Code Services

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), including Article 9 on Secured Transactions, is national, model legislation drafted under the supervision of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws and adopted by the various states, with modifications, to provide rules for commercial transactions involving personal property.

There are now national forms. There is a Financing Statement (UCC1), a Financing Statement Addendum (UCC1Ad), a Financing Statement Amendment (UCC3), a Financing Statement Amendment Addendum (UCC3Ad), a Financing Statement Amendment Additional Party (UCC3AP) and an Information Request (UCC11). Form UCC3 can be filed as a termination, continuation, assignment or amendment.

Paranet's Team of Experts can assist you to file your UCC forms in all 50 States and District of Columbia. Together with our team of local abstractors in each state we can perform UCC searches at State and County level on your debtors. We can also provide assistance with international UCC type filings and searches in available jurisdictions.

Our Search services include:
• State and County Level UCC/Fixture Filings
• State and County Level UCC Specific Copy Retrievals
• UCC/Federal Tax Lien Searches - State Level
• UCC/Fixture Filing; Federal Tax Lien; State Tax Lien; Judgment - County Level searches
• Pending Litigation / Open Judgment Searches - County Level
• Lis Pendens Searches - County Level
• Real Estate Searches - County Level
• Federal / State Court Searches
• Bankruptcy Searches